Q: Where is the AGRI-FLAME made?
The AGRI-FLAME is designed and marketed by B & D Heating Systems, LLC, of Diamond, Missouri, and fabricated in Topeka, Kansas by Topeka Metal Specialties.
Q: What fuels can I burn in the AGRI-FLAME?
The AGRI-FLAME can burn hay, Fescue stubble, cornstalks, wheat, straw, Johnson Grass, etc. –any bio-mass in bale form with a moisture level of 15% or less. The AGRI-FLAME can also burn bundled slab wood.
Q: How long will one bale burn?
Under a full load, (with fans operating) one bale will last approximately 6 hours. If the water reaches it’s designated maximum temperature, the fans will shut off and the burn time will increase.
Q: How many houses will one AGRI-FLAME heat?
Since the AGRI-FLAME is designed for many applications, (chicken houses, turkey houses, hog operations, green houses, etc.) the best answer is that one AGRI-FLAME will significantly reduce the heating cost for up to 100,000 square feet (a normal six chicken house operation).
Q: What does an AGRI-FLAME cost?
Due to rapidly changing steel costs, please contact B & D Heating Systems for a current price.
Q: Are there any government grants available to help with the cost of this type of system?
Yes, a government grant is administered by various states and available through the US Department of Agriculture.
Q: After placing an order for and AGRI-FLAME, how soon can I expect delivery?
Upon receiving the order and deposit, you can expect delivery in 4 to 6 weeks.
Q: Other than the AGRI-FLAME stove, what components are needed for the complete system?
A pump, underground insulated pipe, in-building piping, fan/radiator assemblies, various plumbing, valves, and electrical wiring are all needed.
Q: Do I have to delay or alter my flock placement schedule in order to install the system?
No, with careful planning, all in-house installation can be completed between flocks.
Q: Do I have to heat the complete building when I am only using one or two zones?
No, Heat can easily be controlled by zones.